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If we can do this, anything is possible

Holy cow. We did it!

Three months ago a couple of guys in a bar were talking about how cool it would be to do a Java conference in Dublin. Many sleepless nights and countless emails later, 350 people attended the inaugural IJTC! The response was overwhelming. We had a world class lineup, the logistics ran like clockwork, the speakers and delegates had a great time. Awesome!

The thing that I got from it, was that it doesn’t matter whether you run a JUG, contribute to open source, blog or whatever. Just participate. Start something. Engage in community.

Next year, bigger, better, and even more fun.

Photos coming soon. Now I’m off to show the guys around Dublin.

Opening night

Yesterday’s event worked out really well. We had about 100 people in the theater take part in opening evening. My welcome speech was nothing to be worried about – I forgot half of what I was going to say, but that’s OK – it just gives me some opening words this morning.

Joel’s keynote presentation on how to build blue ribbon products was great fun and really informative. I have never seen PowerPoint used like that – hats must go off. Apparently there was some stress in getting him to the airport, I’ll have to get the full story today.

The panel discussion was very insightful. Covering everything from the impact of the new OSX distribution not upgrading its JVM to the JSR standards versus open source innovation, the future it seems is anything but clear. To know what to recommend, learn and implement will always be a matter of personal judgment and experience. The only way to keep up, is to engage and be aware of the landscape of competing products in the landscape. It’s one of the huge challenges of a career in IT, and one that should be enjoyed and embraced.

The first day of presentations kicks off in an hour and a half. I have to have a quick shower and get out to Cineworld. We are starting right on the dot today, but it will be a challenge getting everybody in to the first session by 9:15 – the Irish tendency for being casual with time really test your nerves. It’s not a party guys, fashionably late doesn’t work here. Lol \o/

Tonight is the night!

I am about to head off to the IJTC. It’s an incredible feeling to know that we have managed to put together a conference in only 3 months! We are expecting well over 200 delegates this evening, and even though I am MCing the event this evening, I am not in the least bit nervous. Tonight represent the climax of a hugely busy period in the lives of all of us organizers, and there is nothing for it but to go for it, let the chips fall where they may and have an awesome time.

See you there!

More IJTC speaker confirmations

Just received word this evening that another couple of big speakers have confirmed for the Irish Java Technologies Conference. It is a fantastic feeling when everything come together and falls into place :)

We are going to be put on a fantastic conference programme here in Dublin and I think people are going to be wondering why this hasn’t been done before. It has been great to get the support of the big tech companies like Sun, Microsoft, Oracle, Iona and AOL and it is a great opportunity for the smaller consultancies to present their expertise. Speaker bios are being updated as they come in.

It is worth mentioning that Dublin JUG members receive a discount to attend the conference. To save a few quid:

  1. Log on to, if you don’t have an account it’s easy to sign up. What better reason to join your local JUG?
  2. Go to the registration discount page and follow the link. It’s that simple.

IJTC Update

Having formally started inviting individual speakers for the ITJC last week we have been absolutely amazed at the response. What seemed as one of the major challenges for us upfront, has really turned out to be a nice surprise! The response has been fantastic and our speaker slots are filling up quickly, with presentations on enterprise frameworks, IDEs and tools. The speaker list will be posted up on the conference site once we start getting the topics and speaker bios finalized, at which point the marketing machine will really kick in from an attendees perspective.

Luan O’Carroll and I went out to the Cineworld Cinemas last night during the Microsoft Silverlight presentation, to take a look at the facilities from a conference standpoint, and it has really been a fantastic experience. The venue is great and I just know that we are going to put on a great event there. Nothing helps to get things in perspective like a 400 seat auditorium with cup holders on every seat :) The venue is outstanding in that we can upgrade our facilities as the days require, switching cinemas to handle the popularity of each presentation.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. What seemed like a pie in the sky project for the Dublin JUG a couple of months back when we started talking about it, is really coming in to fruition – thanks in no small part to the guys who have been great at every step in the process, working tirelessly to get the logistics of the operation in place.

To quote a famous beer ad. “This is gonna be great!”

The Dublin JUG is gone from… to!

I just stepped down as organizer of the Dublin JUG on, thereby setting it on a path to automatic deletion. It has been a great trip, and I hope that the JUG will continue to receive the same sort of support as we move to our new home at

I’m feeling kind of nostalgic, but nothing has really changed other than moving to a platform where we have more control of our own destiny. Long live the Dublin JUG!

Now all we need is someone who will make our new Drupal site pretty :)

New Dublin JUG site coming soon

Coinciding with our work on the IJTC conference, scheduled for early November, the Dublin JUG will soon be moving off Meetup. This is in order to provide a more complete service to our group members, such as blog rolls, wiki, conference content and group planning. New logo, site, content… An exciting and busy time. Watch this space.

Announcing the Irish Java Technologies Conference

In early November, the Dublin Java Users Group along with IrishDev will be hosting the first of what I hope will be many major Java events here in Dublin. The one day Irish Java Technologies Conference aims to deliver the same caliber of content as the larger Java conferences, with an Irish slant, right to our doorstep here in Dublin.

We are currently putting out a call for speakers, so if you are interested in hearing any particular speakers, or talks covering specific topics or technologies related to the Java platform, email myself “jakub _ korab at yahoo dot com dot au” or “info at irishdev dot com”.

Upcoming Events at the Dublin JUG

At Tuesday’s regular monthly JUG meetup, I put forward some ideas of the sort of stuff that I’m going to be pushing in order to make the JUG more valuable to our members.

Master classes – a 2-3 hour session for 20 people max that explains how to use one technology properly. Eg. how to test a Struts, Spring, Hibernate app at all levels, or using JMX to modify the behaviour of a web application at runtime. These are just some starter ideas. Yes, the info is all out there on the net, but this would be a tutorial overview that collates all the good stuff in a digestible module.

A themed conference – eg. “Build me an SOA”. From the feedback that I’m seeing, a lot of the big conferences focus on what’s coming up in the near future and why you should use the latest and greatest. Cool. No probs. But tell a team of developers that you’re embarking on a project to implement an SOA strategy using an ESB and you’ll be left with a whole bunch of folks scratching their heads or nodding and quickly reading up on the net. So how about an event that explains what the buzzwords are, how they work in theory, the problems they solve and then how to go about implementing it. Add in a few local speakers who have gone through it all to describe hazards, pitfalls and the payoffs and I think you’d be on to a winner.

One off presentations – evening conference presentation type things. “Here’s the coolest new framework/development paradigm”.

The forum welcomed the ideas, and with the support that I have received over the last few weeks from various parties around Dublin, I’m looking forward to getting some of these ideas rolling as soon as I can. Fun times ahead.

Not part of the Dublin JUG? You should be.

Dublin JUG June Meetup Synopsis

So you wanted to know what exactly gets covered at the Dublin JUG
meetups? Here's a quick, edited stream of collective consciousness from
last night:

JBoss guys doing talk in London – Mark Proctor, JBoss Rules.
Sun Microsystems HQ might be an idea for presentations.

Topics that might be covered in a Rules, JBoss, Hibernate, Spring.
.Net guys use Boswell's hotel for conferences. 60-100 ppl
Pascal from DCU about .Net group
Barcamp use old Guinness visitor centre for conference area.

Perl industrial duct tape – is there still a market for it as the
primary job skill?
Python more popular than Ruby according to job boards
OpenApp use Python, demo graphics similar to Google Maps
Might be an idea to get some Python guys to bring people over to the
dark side.
Ruby group getting started.
Groovy scripting
Paul likes PHP because it's easy to read, update and there's lots of
stuff out in the wild

Juan getting tired of Java since you can't use any of the new stuff,
since all of the environments use 1.4
Retroweaver comes with Struts 2.0, modifies 1.5 byte code so it runs in
1.4 JVM
It is being used in production
Irish independent using 1.5
Sun don't put in must-have features, drop support to make people upgrade
If companies did bigger changes at the same time, perhaps there would be
more impetus to upgrade.

Application servers drive change
Consumers using the applets will only need a subset of the API. Is this
the way to go for servers?
Ecosystem of Jars
Java 6 is irrelevant to everyday developers, since most are stuck on
older JVMs

Google's biggest problem when they upgraded to Java 5 was rewriting
enum() functions, due to reserved word
A talk with Li Moore is available on the Sun website –

You can run Google mail through your website
Personal mail proxy
Will mobiles/3G cards make corporate email policies obsolete? worldviewer – realtime written by NASA
Aircoach has maps which show where the next bus is
Dart has same but not in realtime
Tomtom does similar

Shrink wrapped software versus web app quality