About Me

I am a senior software professional with over a decade of experience in designing, developing and maintaining a wide variety of systems across a broad set of industries.

Based in London, UK, I deliver independent consulting, helping clients apply open source messaging and open source ESBs to address complex system integrations.

An architect who codes, a consultant who troubleshoots. My specialities include working at the coal face of technology in a client facing environment, getting to grips quickly in understanding business problems, and identifying technical and non-technical solutions. My broad knowledge of software architectures and the enterprise software ecosystem allows me to provide alternatives to hand crafting code.

As an initiator with great communication skills I have successfully built a professional networking group and organized a Java conference. I blog regularly on software practice and development issues and am actively involved in the wider development community. I am also a highly experienced programmer with an extensive technical skills base. Oh, and I also lead development teams.

I like to speak, write, present in public and host. I am at my happiest when presenting in front of people, hosting an event, exchanging ideas. As I hope this blog illustrates, I possess the ability to take complex concepts and convey them in an understandable form for the audience.

I love accumulating knowledge. I like to understand how things work and why. Be it be the geopolitical situation, details of an aspect of popular science, psychology or computing – I want to know more.

To find out more about my work check out my profile on LinkedIn, or browse through my code on GitHub. Alternatively I can be contacted by email via [jakub dot korab at ameliant dot com].