Developing web services in ServiceMix

I have added a number of projects to FuseByExample/smx-ws-examples on GitHub that demonstrate how to go about developing a number of common web service use cases. The samples are designed to get you up and running quickly with SOAP based web services in an OSGi world.

The examples include:

  • a Maven project that generates all relevant Java code from a WSDL using the cxf-codegen-plugin, and wraps it in an OSGi bundle
  • a plain Java web service implementation of a web service using CXF
  • an implementation of the web service using a Camel CXF route
  • a web service proxy using a Camel route
  • a client based on a Camel route that uses the CXF component to invoke those web services; no Java code required

As usual, full documentation in the README. Enjoy!


  • Ryan Moquin says:

    Jakub, I just discovered your site and read this post as well as the last couple. I can’t tell you how excited I am that someone put together a bunch of examples like this. I have a big Servicemix 3.x built around JBI and I really want to get it on SMX 4.x (a long time ago I deployed the JBI bundles in an early 4.x, but had a nasty classpath issue with Spring) but haven’t been able to figure out how to most efficiently map my complex project the most efficiently into the OSGI world. I have SMX 3.x integration tests, but never had enough time to finish figuring out the equivalent for SMX 4.x (which it looks like you’ve done). Going to look at your examples, hopefully they’ll help me to finally get migrated in a way that feels like I’ve done it correctly. Maybe I’l be able to contribute something back. Glad to see someone who can share some SMX 4.x knowledge, it’s been hard to com by for a large project like the one I’ve been working on. Good work.


  • Jake says:

    Thanks Ryan, happy to hear that this is of help to someone. If you want more fully featured documentation than what is available on the Apache website, you should take a look at the FuseSource ServiceMix documentation, and in particular the guide on deploying into an OSGi container.