Bored with software?

What’s interesting right now in software isn’t the new shiny thing. We already have the tools to do most of what we want. What’s interesting is scale and change.

You build a system. Then you realize you need to break out and share functionality via modules. Then you want to manage them independently in live environments. And not take the system down. And have the old transactions finish on the old code while the new work hits the new code.

You build logic. It grows to the point where your original hand crafted solution is too unweildy. You need a rules engine, or workflow. Your code needs to keep running. A rewrite is not an option. Rework, refactor, augment, migrate. But don’t break what’s there.

You just wanted to integrate to that one external system. Web services behind a facade. Now another, this time via messaging. All of a sudden it’s 12. Integration framework? ESB? You’re in a cluster, shared network memory, processes that can only run in one place at a time. What’s the last straw, the tipping point to your next upgrade? Where to from here?

That’s what’s interesting.

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